Fin Aid Events Save the Date 2022-2023
Fin Aid Events Save the Date 2022-2023

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Fin Aid Events Save the Date 2022-2023
Fin Aid Events Save the Date 2022-2023

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If you have an URGENT situation, call the Macomb County Crisis Line at 586-307-9100, the Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-8255 or see below for additional counseling resources.

 If you have a concern and would like to email your counselor the email addresses are below. 


 If you'd like to meet with your counselor face to face, you can sign up in the Counseling Center and we will call you down as soon as possible. 

If it is an emergency, please ask an adult for help immediately.  

According to CollegeRaptor.com, the top topics to talk to your high school counselor are:

  • Am I on track for graduation? High School Graduation Requirements 

  • How can I increase academic rigor in my class schedule?

  • When should I take the ACT/SAT? Should I retake?

  • Are there any ACT/SAT prep resources available at the school?

  • Potential College Majors and other College Information

  • College Prep Doubts

You can also talk to us about:

  • Study skills and class success tips

  • Problems in classes

  • Personal Issues

  • We are here to help you!

Macomb Family Services Adolescent Outreach ProgramStudents can have up to 6 free counseling sessions.  If you are struggling and need some support, click here and fill out a short form with your name and emal address.  Someone from the program will contact you to set up an appointment.  See flyer above.

New COVID 19 Support Resource - Click here to explore Cousino's COVID 19 Support Resource.  You can also find in under the More tab above.  


Contact & Links

Angie Todesco


Cindy Dodero

E- Kn

Kevin Kuczynski


James Twigg

Ro - Z

Counselor Staff Listings

Counseling Center: Hillbom, Francesca

- Email: FHillbom@wcskids.net

- Phone Number: (586)-574-3100 x.12955

- Fax Number: (586)-698-4208

Angie Todesco:

- Phone Number: (586)-574-3100 x.12972

Cindy Dodero

- Phone Number: (586)-574-3100 x.12962

Kevin Kuczynski:

- Phone Number: (586)-574-3100 x.12961

James Twigg:

- Phone Number: (586)-574-3100 x.12963

Note: All faxing that is intended to be sent to a counselor must be sent through the Counseling Center; no counselor has a individual fax number.

Powerschool Grades

Powerschool is the leading education platform in the world, with over 70 countries using it for grading, registration, school of choice, student information systems, learning management and classroom collaborations! It is easily usable for tracking a student's success in scholarly activities by both parents and teachers alike. Click on the link to the right to go to the student grades login page.

SAT Testing

The SAT Test is an important point in everyone's academic career if they want to be accepted into college. It covers the general topics of education (Reading, Writing, Math) for 11th and 12th grade grade levels. Study for this test is vital if one wants to progress past a high school diploma to college-level education. A page linking to info on dates/what to expect on the SAT can be found to the right.


Parchment is a free account service that allows you to send your transcripts to colleges for enrollment. Since 2003, they have helped millions of people and thousands of schools exchange credentials with universities around the globe. This includes P20 academic institutions & employers to share and receive credentials. Their website link can be found in the link to the right.

Grade Calculator

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